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i'm like a cognitohazard, baby, i'll rewrite half of your brain

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@Lady wait the taunts spell the other players name wrong and the announcer reads it

side+b= swearing and throwing a piping hot pike’s place
down+b= hides under a giant cup labeled giganta
Up+b= spinning up attack with a can of whipped cream and a caramel uhh drizzle thing words I’m not a barista

[ME, CIRCA 2007]: "Man, the Iraq War is so fucked up, I'm glad the American people are waking up and we'll never fall for a manufactured case for war against a Middle East country again."

[ME FROM 2019]: *bursts out of time machine* "--Hey...about that...I have a warning from the future..."

[ME FROM 2007]: " look like shit..."

[ME FROM 2019]: "...y'know what...nevermind...fuck u bitcj." *disappears back in time machine*

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*slams gavel*
worm court is now in session

all writhe has defeded from gab already and you should too. Ask your admin if defeding fash is right for you! (It is)

why do so many annoying men insist on adding dumb shit to my posts

listen,,, i am just,,,, a Juicy Lucy,,,,, thatse it, i cannot Change This

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