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whats up everybody i made a wlw gaming server and its poppin off

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you're always in the heart of me
your loving is the song i sing

dancing like a flame
my breath caught on your name

the winter wind is chilling colder
i'll love you more as we grow older~:lucy:

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i dont rly like putting my irl business on her but yesterday my wife and i lost our vehicle. since today's my birthday, im gonna be a little selfish and ask if anyone can spare some change so we can buy train passes?

my venmo is @searchthenight
and my cashapp is $searchthenight

thank you

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hey just a reminder that i'm not comfy following or being followed by minors!!!

if somehow you slipped through without me noticing, please let me know and also unfollow me thanks!!

it's nothing personal, i just post content that i don't feel is appropriate for minors to be looking at and it makes me uncomfortable to consider that you might!

thanks bye.

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i deserve gallons of gamer girl attention

where are my FUCKIGN attention notifs/????? i made good posts,,,,,

domme bondage shitpost, 

the word cognitohazard is a cognitohazard

is this anything, lewd shitpost 

dream, postapocalyptic, lewd, lactation, body horror, patriarchy as background threat, car culture 

i keep getting cutie-sniped aaaa

(that's when i see a cute girl and totally lose my train of thought because aaaaaa pretty) (selfie, ec, boosts++)

ILA is clearly the best instance because the notification noise is the goose game goose honk :goose_honk:

im so fucking tired but if i sleep itll fuck up my schedule MORE and tomorrow will be even worse

why the FUCK is cooking a bottom thing??? u rly think ur gonna be walkin around in my kitchen after i tear that ass up???? bitch,

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