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hey just a reminder that i'm not comfy following or being followed by minors!!!

if somehow you slipped through without me noticing, please let me know and also unfollow me thanks!!

it's nothing personal, i just post content that i don't feel is appropriate for minors to be looking at and it makes me uncomfortable to consider that you might!

thanks bye.

alc shitpost 

good evening lovers i got taught some expert maneuvers in DDR and then played really well in a killer queen tourney

@Lady why the fuck is this post so funny, what did you do

me, beating my brain with a rake, screaming for more serotonin

holds up hand in a cupping-chin gesture

dreamt i was stuck in a years long time loop with an old friend from college who, at the end of every loop, unwillingly turned into a horrible sea monster that ate the world
after the first time, i told him what i remembered and he met my eyes with such misery in his.
"I'm so sorry," he pleaded, "I never meant for you of all people to be stuck in this loop with me."
"We're gonna get you out of this," I said. And after every death, when I came back, I promised it again.
I'll get you out, brother.

"incredible spite", how have i not used that as a song title before

i need to Fallout Boy it first. Something like "My Spite Will Surely Kill You Before It Does Me (And It'll Be Poetic)"

oooo the tornado sirens are going 👀 👀 👀 👀

fae folk, pronouns 

According to all known laws
of forgery,

there is no way a sword
should be able to be faked.

Its crafting too unique to be counterfeited.

The sword, of course, is traced anyway,

because heroes of justice don't care what mongrel kings think anyway.

homestuck on main 

i only toot cursed posts
i look incredible

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