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hey just a reminder that i'm not comfy following or being followed by minors!!!

if somehow you slipped through without me noticing, please let me know and also unfollow me thanks!!

it's nothing personal, i just post content that i don't feel is appropriate for minors to be looking at and it makes me uncomfortable to consider that you might!

thanks bye.

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my love is like the beat, baby, it don't stop

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i'm like a cognitohazard, baby, i'll rewrite half of your brain

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creep meta 

compliments you get from drunk girls in a bathroom are so valid


being trans is cool
being trans is fun
being trans is revolutionary
being trans means writing a folk punk album about your dad
being trans means you can do infinite air combos

Thank you. Goodnight.

lewd shitpost 

i wanna sing to cute girls 

vriska is a cringe ass nae nae baby but we came real close to winnin some dubbies 2day

i fucking love getting dm's from lydia asking what the fuck the latest nonsense means

genuinely my fave, i love you babe

makeup kat, eye contact, selfie 

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