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LUCY PSA: i like to feign outrage and overdramatic reactions for silly purposes. sometimes this gets misinterpreted! so, for the record: unless i specifically say "this is not a goof" please always assume i am goofing!!

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you're always in the heart of me
your loving is the song i sing

dancing like a flame
my breath caught on your name

the winter wind is chilling colder
i'll love you more as we grow older~:lucy:

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hey just a reminder that i'm not comfy following or being followed by minors!!!

if somehow you slipped through without me noticing, please let me know and also unfollow me thanks!!

it's nothing personal, i just post content that i don't feel is appropriate for minors to be looking at and it makes me uncomfortable to consider that you might!

thanks bye.

is it really "having a real one" anymore if every day is you having a real one

"make me" bitch you already made yourself

made yourself a fuckin nuisance

possibly lewd markov bot 

my socialist teeth that twinkle just like the stars in space
my socialist teeth that sparkle so the girls all know im gaaaaay

coronavirus owes me 163.9 million dollars for the crime of preventing me from cooking you all a wholesome dinner and rawing you on the table afterward

I grilled steak, and DJ made some SLAMMIN broccoli alfredo to go with it

me: aggressively attempts to moderate my spaces to avoid negativity
me: consequently has no spaces to vent my own negativity

you can directly assess the quality of a girls pussy by how hard they scoff at a recipe that says "one clove of garlic"

become a ☆~magical girl~☆ and form a ☆~parasocial relationship~☆ with me!

the united states will eventually die, and thats a good point. i will cause overcaffeination disassociation on purpose

depression's the punchline! 

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