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LUCY PSA: i like to feign outrage and overdramatic reactions for silly purposes. sometimes this gets misinterpreted! so, for the record: unless i specifically say "this is not a goof" please always assume i am goofing!!

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you're always in the heart of me
your loving is the song i sing

dancing like a flame
my breath caught on your name

the winter wind is chilling colder
i'll love you more as we grow older~:lucy:

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hey just a reminder that i'm not comfy following or being followed by minors!!!

if somehow you slipped through without me noticing, please let me know and also unfollow me thanks!!

it's nothing personal, i just post content that i don't feel is appropriate for minors to be looking at and it makes me uncomfortable to consider that you might!

thanks bye.

possibly lewd markov bot 

When @Lady gets a fursona and builds a fucking castle thats Lucifer Palace

anyways ive said "fuck around and come to Dallas" as a catchphrase since June and three separate girls bought plane tickets about it

domme @ reader, bullies in existentialism 

the only romance language i know is fist

i can't believe they're putting biden in fortnite before me. this is the worst fucking timeline

anyways its cold out now but the hot tub is still on and imma be real

i might give a girl a handjob in that fucker

not me shitposting about blowing my girls spot via a hush and her immediately buying one

bro, you just posted cringe! i am going to fall in love with you

if hes your boyfriend then whys he taking my estradiol please tell him to get his own. im tired of sharing but too conflict averse to say so

im so good at the fortnite, i get my kills i dance the orange julius

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