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Four on the floor but she still got more that's right she's a centaur

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The road to hell is paved for legacy reasons

How far we've strayed from that vision. In 2020, making a web site is many, many times LESS accessible to the average person than it was with his original tools.

He wanted everyone to make web pages. We've decided that that is not a valid goal, not something we should strive for, and we've put up fences and barriers around the field, to keep it for ourselves.

We invented WEB DEVELOPERS, instead of trying to build tools to make this available to everyone.

Assigned American At Birth But Then I Got Better

we have a nicer with previews for my Rust terminal prompt generator:

quick clarification here i was thinking the human had fallen into a depression or was simply bad at romance or something and this story would need to be very clear that the person is not aro/ace

trying to figure out what show this song samples by posting it to youtube and seeing what copyright strike hits it

selfie ec 

dmx: knock knock open up the door it's real
me: ah heck okay i'll bite. real who

did you hear about the two crabs who were conjoined at the arm? had to get a divorce attorney to split them apart, the state said they were common-claw married

There's a new patreon competitor being developed that's gonna be run like a coop, with the creators using the platform having democratic control of its trajectory. Since it'll have no investors and a ton of the overhead will be avoided with the coop structure, fees will be a fraction of what they are on other platforms

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