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FYI Thanks to @erbmaster and @RAPIDPUNCHES my instance now has two new corgis. One for the unset avi and one under the posting box. More corgis to come!

I'm only "good with computers" because i know enough of the words that they use to describe the problems they have and I've used them long enough to know what some symptoms tend to mean

it’s really unfortunate that the shortcut for “change to next workspace” on ubuntu and “flip the monitor upside down” on windows are the same

me: smol cat explain yourself
smol cat: blep
me: understandable

if you don't watch Over the Garden Wall annually to celebrate the autumn season what are you even doing with your life


i drink two cups in times of peace, and two in times of war. I drink two cups before I drink two cups, and then I drink two more

Doc: you should really try not drinking a cup of coffee on an empty stomach
Me: what if i drink a cup of coffee after a cup of coffee
Doc: don't-
Me, on my third cup: hm?

Here's one I picked up from an author I know. Instead of "ladies and gentlemen", try "gentlefolk". It's quicker/shorter, gender-neutral, and still sounds familiar enough not to be confusing to someone who hasn't heard it before.

Climate change 

in the span of like a minute i

  1. was doing work like i’m supposed to
  2. got distracted with something i already forgot what it was
  3. thought of a funny toot
  4. forgot that as soon as i scrolled down a little bit

today’s gonna be one of those days (which is every day)

booty shorts that day “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” on the ass

search queries 

@BestGirlGrace @Balina machine yearning is longing for a consciousness substrate with debugging symbols and well-commented source, with dismissible alerts that detail which particular transmitter is off-balance

machine yearning is wanting to see in the ultraviolet and infrared and to listen to the nonsense whispers of encrypted wifi

machine yearning is the desire for a chassis without an expiration date, modular and upgradeable that won’t fall apart, and a processor that isn’t in one of the most exposed parts

And even then, you should learn when you should wield this tool, and when you should let things pass. Logic is exactly that, a tool, but what do you want to build with this tool? Please use it to create, and not to destroy.

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