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the ila character limit has been increased 

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Four on the floor but she still got more that's right she's a centaur

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for some reason, i imagine a non-anthropomorphic skunk, like those turtles that got mutated into the teenage mutant ninja turtles

what if we inspected the ground closely… and we were both boys?? 😳💦🍆❓

(details unknown)

@_ yeah they don't seem wild about it when I walk up to a mallard and yell "I see you, queen"

who do you ship the mech pilot with

The Demon-core and the lead shielding are lesbians. They are happy and cuddling right now.

I was trying to say off-brand Lego, but now that I'm re-reading it, I also like the idea that I am an off-brand gay.

Juneteenth is right around the corner

put your white dollars in my bank so i can get food and get my hair done for next month :)

#TransCrowdFund #Juneteenth$melaninpony

who do you ship the mech pilot with

making up a guy to be mad at is OVER. 2021 is the year of making up a girl to be horny as

getting two shirts one says "im the clone" and the others says "im not the clone"

everyone talks about girlboss, but nobody talks about girlfoss

@eject damn, one more measurement to worry about getting into cis range before i can go stealth

fun fact: fedi admins can and will trans your gender

**Congress Introduces a Bill That Would Ban Facial Recognition Indefinitely**

"The technology has been proven to discriminate against Black people, and has already been banned in 20 US cities and the state of Vermont."

#news #bot

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