If a person of royalty gets a fungal infection, it's called crown molding

I'm not a sore winner or a sore loser, I'm just sore

All of @Lady 's gfs wanting to visit but can't due to pandemic just struggling with lucyd dreaming

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ugh, lots of gaying to catch up on today. lots to check off of my to-gay list.

@Lady You do your cardio at the gym. I get my cardio playing the "X Gonna Give it to Ya/Call Me Maybe Mashup" on Beat Saber. We are not the same.

Nude butt! 


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Puberty 1.0 bad, 2.0 update should have been patched in sooner


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From twitter.com/urbanfriendden

instead of "sir/madam", consider "traveller"

- gender neutral
- fun to say
- acknowledges the endless journey of the soul
- makes you feel like a medieval tavernkeep
- you absolutely can't risk misgendering a wandering swordmaster

Such as mine 

I feel like you can tell a lot about a person from their "frequently used emojis" page

That struggle when you read through over 17 years worth of comics in a couple days and no longer know what to do with your life. Curse and bless you for introducing me to EGS, @Lady

My cat is a goddamn entitled warm fuzzy potato and I am both annoyed by and love her

Hey I'm going to make a callout post to @Lady for being gorgeous, cute, supportive, and overall just The Best (tm)

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