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Kink, Lewd, D/s, WOO 5k posts! 

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I love you all. So fucking much. More than you may ever know. But I just wanted to say thank you. For being you. And being here. And allowing me the privilege to know you.

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Vapeseller i want your biggest clouds.

My clouds are too big for you traveller.

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i wanna give big hugs.
This is an achievable goal because I have long arms.

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Please, Mr. Pibb was my father.

Call me Xtra

Oops too much vidja james and now its 2am.

Windows 10 stop randomly waking my computer up unbidden

Hello Everyone. This @Lady is Lucy, If you are a girl you should Kiss Lucy.

guess who just!!!! repaired her first piece of clothing!!!! it's ugly as heck but it's functional!!

the two genders are people who scream "BABY!" over every single kind of animal and people that lie about being animal lovers. thats it.

Cat pic cat eye contact 

Hey uhhh you're cute and I like you...wanna hold hands? :3

😭some girls have antlers and i think that’s beautiful 😭


Sex work joke 

@vicorva Loved this story! It made my day better

Hope you don't mind me illustrating it, I was inspired :tialove:

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