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Kink, Lewd, D/s, WOO 5k posts! 

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I love you all. So fucking much. More than you may ever know. But I just wanted to say thank you. For being you. And being here. And allowing me the privilege to know you.

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i wanna give big hugs.
This is an achievable goal because I have long arms.

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You guys wanna play dog mario? I got all the cheat codes. -Joel Vinesauce 2017

I shaved the side of my head we have POWERED UP

The existence of topologists suggests the existence of bottomologists

are u familiar with edward siddon?
"who edward siddon"
siddon cold rock lmao

gonna go see Lilly 🎵 🕺
get to go see Lilly! 🎵 💃

every mediocre metal band has a logo that looks like this and lyrical themes listed as "death, violence, hate, anti-religion" on encyclopaedia metallum

This post is sponsored in part by Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

beginning to suspect there are homosexuals and communists on this web's sight. there may even be homosexual communists. be careful out there

@Aleums @DogMotif @Ophillous buwgew bing pawb lettuce, the wast thing u want when owdewing buwbew king is sweaty pawb on uw wettuce but

Cursed food 

@chillallmen @DogMotif @Ophillous it's unsanitary to put paws in food. Didn't you learn anything from Number 15

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