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fuck it i deserve to be sharp and dangerous, that's self care

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an extremely loose picture of internal experience 

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i can make happiness come out of a drum with strings attached and that qualifies me as a wizard, what the hell is a "music"

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I think I'd like to be the soft drapey friend who isn't finished introducing herself until she's cooked for you and can pin a motherfucker thrice her size

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Oh you think life is so tough huh?? welcome to the frickin pal club. We're friends now, I support you

the most terrifying implement in all of bdsm, the vlogger

ACAB, Portland 

The rental assistance program is a landlord bailout. They could have passed rent forgiveness and mortgage coverage, but instead they will go beyond covering operating costs they will pay landlords lost profits out of tax dollars.

there's this pervasive idea within trans spaces that "transness" in any way involves soft, pastel things, and i hesitate to call it a "feminine" view of transness but i think thats what it is. that the relationship most people have to transness is via a traditional notion of femininity that causes representation, even of agender, nonbinary, or teansmasculine people, to skew significantly toward a portrayal of gender and transness as something derived from a traditional or preconceived notion of femininity, even tho ostensibly they're trying to break down those barriers. a lot of it also feels straight up infantilizing, by presenting a specific image of pre-transness as something meant to be coddled and babies thru instead of allowing people to come to their conclusions and being living their truth immediately, even if only on a personal level

Incidentally, I released some new music yesterday on my page:

Today, bandcamp's share of album sales are donated to the NAACP. It's a great day to buy music on bandcamp.

This decontextualized screenshot makes me laugh my ass off.

A japanese red bean paste fish, but it's full of refried beans

Brighton UK, tech takeaway, tomorow 19th of June 

"the meaning of life is chillin with the fellas," I explain, philosophically

update: it's got actual NAMES! And I decided to add colors to the stars so it was a little more intuitive, and it's got a less-annoying-than-just-plain-white background now. Plus a bunch of other tiny improvements.

the algorithm has decided you're cute, and, frankly, I agree

Jane Austen summarized all my feelings about summer with the quote "What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance"

white people stop appropriating spirituality from indigenous people challenge 2kforever

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