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an extremely loose picture of internal experience 

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i can make happiness come out of a drum with strings attached and that qualifies me as a wizard, what the hell is a "music"

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I think I'd like to be the soft drapey friend who isn't finished introducing herself until she's cooked for you and can pin a motherfucker thrice her size

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Oh you think life is so tough huh?? welcome to the frickin pal club. We're friends now, I support you

and probably am more consistent than I think anyway

sometimes I worry about having a wildly inconsistent presentation but then I remember I don't care

The Duwamish tribe (from the Pacific Northwest region of present-day US and Canada) have launched a petition demanding federal recognition!

Please take a moment to sign if you can!

Joy Powell is a Black political prisoner who was framed by #Rochester, New York police for her organizing. Her birthday was yesterday. Learn about her backstory (CW for discussion of violence) & how to support here:

if we want to classify someone as a himbo, we must first understand what makes a himbo.
-conventionally attractive features
-not very "book smart" and lacking some "common" sense
-emotional intelligence/comes off as nice or likeable

by these criteria i think it's easy to conclude that YES caduceus clay IS a himbo

re weed, responsibility 

stupid sexual joke 


seeing old friends, even if only through a stream, is pretty nice


mutual aid, PLEASE BOOST 

squats / international solidarity question 

If you want to know the difference between green/black/white tea, well, black tea tends to have a lot of removal, green tea has big creatures, and white tea has many enchantments.

friendly reminder to cycle some fresh air through your space if you can! Lower that Carbon Dioxide PPM for clearer thoughts and a better mood!

week-long boycott of Amazon and virtual picket line starts this Sunday, March 7

support your fcomrades and their efforts to organize against a corporate juggernaut - don't use Amazon next week

them: use your words
me: c'est chotto muzukashi auf englische

this weekend project: study haha oh geez i don't feel ready (i am 100% ready)

someone built me into actually scheduling my ham license test tho, I've been putting it off for weeks

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