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Autumn leaves smells like a musty old attic box that we got out to pack the world away into for the winter

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I'm that bitch who's looking for a genderless alternative to 'bitch' to call themself

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I don't want people to assume that I'm a man or that I'm a woman when they first see me. When they see me, I want people to fear for their life

Boost if:
- You're gay
- I'm gay
- We're all gay

Nobody will know which one (all three)

tfw the vastly improved v2.0 of a post arrives in your noggin right after you get the third boost

Oh you think life is so tough huh?? welcome to the frickin pal club. We're friends now, I support you

"this is endgame content" is something that i never want to hear about an rpg again, let me rage against the gods and be cursed for my hubris at level 1

I'm gonna start naming myself what i want to post and just posting "look at my display name",


Academic Union Stuff 

oops, i cleaned my living space to improve my mental health instead~ 🙂

feeling really down about not feeling like i can make anything so in a fit of irony I think I'm gonna write about that

heterosexuals in fall be like *puts a pumpkin on the table*

hrt(+), the inevitable passage of time 

watching everyone's favorite Appalachia Gothic fall miniseries

drop your phone into the cheetah enclosure at the zoo. it's his problem now

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