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every story about monsters coming to town and stealing all the women is actually about every woman in town falling in love with a shapeshifting lesbian. Sorry if you're mad but you can't change the facts :blobcatcoffee:

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Oh you think life is so tough huh?? welcome to the frickin pal club. We're friends now, I support you

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I don't want people to assume that I'm a man or that I'm a woman when they first see me. When they see me, I want people to fear for their life

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me, as my lawfully wedded wife shows me her newly constructed medieval torture device: nice rack babe

Seattle politics/taxes (tax Amazon) 

hey, everyone who moderates a server, y'all should probably suspend for reasons that ought to be fairly obvious when reading their single spam post

“Hey Doc, feeling kinda sad”

Doctor, in a low growl, “Do you long to feel the loam of the forest on your footpads?”


Doctor, baring teeth “Do you crave the camaraderie that can only come from stalking prey as a pack?”


“Then ask your Doctor if Lycanthropy™️ is right for you”

“You are my doctor”

“Lycanthropy™️ is right for you”

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"returning things to normal" is the most depressing plotline that's always presented as the loftiest goal

Enough is Enough: **Let the strikes come back. Let the squats proliferate. Let the looting come**

"Madrid April 6, 2020. Anarchist comrades have send us a text from the Madrid Quarantine City pamphlet."

#anarchism #bot

so twice in 12 hours i feel asleep while meditating..

If you're out and about today please keep your eyes peeled for a 1997 Chevy C2500 Silverado, Oklahoma plate ETR161, it's maroon with LED lights. It was stolen last night. Please call 911 if you see it.

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if you have a moment of pleasure that's counter-revolutionary

Rebellion in times of the #curfew "Capitalism and the state need crises and states of emergency to increase and strengthen their power over us. The virus is not the reason, but the trigger" #coronavirus #Covid_19 #COVID19 #CoronaCrisis #antireport

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