Deaf people, do you prefer a video not made originally in sign language have subtitles or an interpreter, or something else? :boost_ok:

I'd like to apologize for not including hard of hearing people in this poll, that was a mistake on my part and i absolutely don't mean to exclude you. Please feel free to answer the poll if you're Hard of Hearing as well as if you're Deaf.

uhh is 1% a minimum for options that have any votes? because we're going on 150 responses and only 3 aren't "I'm not Deaf". I'm afraid is gonna start rounding down

@flowerenby not deaf, i have audio processing difficulties and things are impossible for me to watch without subtitles. They should be default by now at least!!!

@readytherhinos i have a ton of trouble picking words out of background noise so same, they're a godsend for me

@flowerenby i’m not deaf but when my program makes material for HoH and deaf students we try to have an interpreter because of literacy levels.

@flowerenby damn all three votes are for "not deaf but I wanna see the results"

@honiden no no, all but two of the 80 responses are 😳 I'm glad people are interested at least lol

@flowerenby I don't know why or how I read 3 instead of 80+ D: anyway I see the only two answers from blind people are not even in agreement ahah

@flowerenby One question: do deaf people implanted with hearing aid (like me) count as deaf in this poll?

@Genstar tbh i forgot those exist and didn't really account for it well. So if you feel like the poll applies to you I'd love to know your response! i guess "i have a hearing aid and don't need either" would fall under 'other' if that's your answer.

@flowerenby I'll go with subtitle since well… I really didn't learn sign language since I was implanted early in my life. But I have problems getting the voices from actors or news reporter on TV or movies.

@flowerenby I'm not deaf but I think subtitles are the objectively better option here:

- easier to make per video, therefore more accessible content for the same effort
- takes up less data storage since they're just plain text
- most non-deaf people don't understand sign language, but most people (deaf or not) can read written text
- therefore also useful for people who don't speak the video's language natively, and for people with milder auditory issues that aren't bad enough to have warranted learning sign language

@flowerenby As someone who can 'hear' but can't make out voices in most video content...

Subtitles are a HUGE help for me.

Without subtitles I really struggle with dialog at times and with subtitles I actually can enjoy the content without losing the words or having to rewind and double down on my focus. I need to second this! I can hear, but not well, and even with headphones, a lot of videos are awful for me without subtitles

@turtle21 @flowerenby Can you explain what you mean by ideology? Is it that some people manually sign english instead of ASL or something?

@basara @turtle21 there is signed specific English but generally interpreter is a specific term for an ASL/English translator in my experience

@flowerenby I can't say I'm surprised by See Results outstripping everything else but I still feel bad for clicking on it

@flowerenby i know some people deaf by birth, the subbtitles are not enough because they use sign language as first language, so other languages like english or french is a second language for them and they not fully understand it.

@flowerenby not Deaf or HoH but audio difficulties. i voted 'other' because i greatly appreciate transcripts when possible because i might have trouble following subtitles at the speed of the video, and especially for anything informative / with long sentences, it's easier either to read through or to find the relevant part of a transcript than pause to read each subtitle

then ofc transcripts are used for other disabilities too



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