is there a chrome extension that makes it so media doesn't autoplay

trying vivaldi out over firefox and this is the one thing that's driving me nuts

@kew like just sound or video? do you have ublock origin?

@sireffe i do have ublock origin installed, but it doesn't seem to stop youtube from autoplaying in vivaldi in a new tab? firefox had this shit baked in so i just assumed chromium did as well

@kew so ive never really paid attention to this before but now its really gonna bother me too.

in the past i've just opened vids in a new background tab so it wont play until i open the tab. otherwise i've been trying to use alternate frontends (like invidious) when i have a particular vid in mind.

i'm looking into this rn tho

@sireffe yeah same i usually do background tabs. strange that i've never heard of invidious before, i'll have to give that a go

@kew is just one of many yt alternate frontends i just had seen this one bandied about on the fedi a bit

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