"enjoy it while it lasts, high school will be the best time of your life" is code for "i'm straight, neurotypical and extremely boring"

coward's ratio. guess what the Rock said was true...yuo can't handle da truth....

@kew I think its also a way some people justify their lack of happiness and trying.

I always hated that whole "high school was the BEST" crap. High school was god-awful.

Plus, what a hellish defeatist mindset that you have to pick a time in your life and say "it will never get better than that." How do you keep going on thinking that things can never get better. ugh.

@kew sometimes I just have a moment where I think about how terrible it must be to peak before 18. How boring. How little meaning it must give to one's life.

@platypus it's nothing short of pitiful ! how can the best time of your life be the period in which you had only a fraction of the agency and freedom you acquire in adulthood

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@kew High school was literally my lowest point and when I was in the middle of it I was TERRIFIED that this was going to be true =P

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