why does society find it imperative to distinguish between a bun and a man bun

introducing: the enbun. buns for nbs

@kew it's super fun and I think it's definitely your vibe

@Aleums i very much did! it's become kind of rare for a book to trigger a certain kind of hyperfocus in me that makes me devour it in less than a week, and neuromancer was the exception to that. i want to get into the sequel but i can't find a decent epub online; the few i've found are riddled with typos formatting mistakes etc. but yeah no i picked it up to sate my cyberpunk hunger until 2077 comes out and it did not disappoint!

@Aleums also totally unrelated but i was thinking of u the other day. going through my games and realizing a lot of them that i adored you had initially posted ab and recommended lol. if nothing else you have fantastic taste in media

@kew ahhh you're so sweet!! I'm really glad to hear it ♥

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