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Inside you are two wolves. If one is dominant and one is recessive then you have a heterozygous allele Ww, and if you breed with another Ww, you both appear to have the dominant wolf but there is a 25% chance of producing a homozygous offspring showing the recessive wolf.

If your offspring shows the dominant wolf trait and they pair with another dominant-presenting allele, calculate the chances that each of your grandchildren will have recessive wolves.

the best part of having this account is that i can provide twice as much Validation (faves+boosts)

the second best part is that i dont ever do that

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@sireffe sorry for lewding your best friend on main, but it had to be done

i thought it would be okay since i had some chai tea back at my place but it turns out i only have cry tea :/

i ordered a white chocolate mocha but the barista gave me a depresso espresso :/

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Every month is gay lust month if you’re down to self host?


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