@rachel yes yess good and you read the terms of service correct?

@sireffe yep! I dont really need my soul so its all yours if you want it!

@rachel technically you were mine all along but im willing to sublet

@Lady hmm if i was yours all along then why does this domain say "i am lydias" and why does she have my eternal soul???
also "sublet" nice pun 12/10

@rachel @Lady lucy probably: “dont ever talk to me or my sub or my sub’s sub”

@sireffe @Lady a sublet is just when you let your sub do something

@sireffe @rachel i would NEVER lmao im so unreasonably good-natured

@Lady @sireffe @Lady mhmm and you would never bully or be mean to anybody ever, we know. thats why they call you lucy "not a bully" veryfair

@rachel @sireffe im just the nicest girl you ever didnt get put in a headlock yet by

@Lady @sireffe yeah u are
so nice that you once offered to kindly break every bone in my body after i made a really good joke. ur the absolute nicest kind of girl

@rachel @sireffe tbh you should wife me but my wife beat you to it like four years ago

@Lady @sireffe whoops sorry for being like 2 days old or something during ur prime wifeing years. if i ever invent time travel, i'll try to remember to preemptively wife you before your wife does

@Lady @sireffe uhhhhhh no fucing clue? i actually have no idea how that second @ lady got there

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