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the ila character limit has been increased 

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Four on the floor but she still got more that's right she's a centaur

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don't forget PEMDAS! 

I dunno 

i'm not like the other girls, but i do have an identical hash value, which may result in surprising worst case behavior

#introduction they said i could grow up to be anything i wanted, so i became a lesbian

so i have a demonsona now. meet the Director. she's touring the facility, but you'll be picking up the slack.

design and art by @extinct who i highly recommend.

oral sex doesn't count 🤝 dental care isn't covered
not realizing the mouth is part of the human body

biked around aimlessly and saw this funny little bridge the other day

hello it my birthday and i'm here to tell you life is already too hard and weird to have guilty pleasures. just enjoy shit without shame.

BDSM stands for Billionaire dies on Space Mission

I'm escaping... to the ONE place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism. But first let me check the news.

reasons why fake dating is the superior trope:

- only around person for X
- wait i actually like this
- this is too easy, i'm too into it
- i can't let them know
- it's just business
- can't ruin job with my feelings
- do they feel the same?
- yo i'm GONE
- it's not just business anymore
- hELP
- i do not want this end

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Lyds, stark waving demon's choices:

A resting space for the wayward soul.