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the ila character limit has been increased 

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Four on the floor but she still got more that's right she's a centaur

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The road to hell is paved for legacy reasons

take naps
get a boyfriend
the devil is your boyfriend

Concept: Those recipe videos where it's just a pair of hands making food with happy music playing in the background, except the hands are demon claws and the music is distorted chanting.

rent assistance begpost boost are appreciated $105/$430 

if your moogle is made of independent parts that can be separated and recombined that's a (giorgio moroder voice) mog modular

silly game pitch 

silly game pitch 

apparently you have to spell out 'wireless access point' now in search engines when it used to come up with just the acronym

silly game pitch 

kinda suggestive art 

i put my zodiac signs in my profile to keep the “smart” smart people away and i have no way of knowing if it’s working, but i believe in it, and isn’t that the point anyway

free thinker? excuse you, I only think when I'm on the clock. pay me.

honestly people should throw more shoes at politicians

2021 has only just started and I've already drawn a mildly horny Megamind fanart

once i went on a road trip and at one point we went to a coin laundry and i was sitting in the chair looking at the magazines and in one of them was this like. page that just had a really close up picture of barbies face and it said in big text ' "know what you're made of"--barbie, on being plsatic ' and that was it there was NO other context and it was so surreal and horrifying i tore it out and kept it and i think about it all the time

@sireffe @dragon *seto kaiba voice* screw the rules i have they/them pronouns

Ranking ways that people avoid saying they by oder of best to worst:

  • he or she // a classic, timeless
  • he/she // same as above except it sounds like that slur
  • s/he // efficient, just as many characters as they tho
  • she or he // if you're gonna try to be feminist about it just say they
  • he (or she) // bro what are you even doing
  • she // again I get it you're trying to be cool and feminist, just use they
  • he // only barely valid if you're a textbook from before 1970 and even then fuck you
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