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Do you see static

Like when you look at things you see them but also like they're layered in faint static is the best explanation I can come up with. Qualia is hard...

Do you see static

and this is still better than the battleaxe tbh

my flag arrived! it's a lot better than the other leading lesbian flag candidate, which is a white rectangle containing off-center rainbow WordArt reading "im love girls"

Here's a board I made late last year. I titled this one "an enormous army stands against my style in vain"

re: On self-preservation, fashpol 

Derby posting :roller_skates: 

Derby posting :roller_skates: 

Demon foliage THESE Canyon
on burnt
and IGNITE it up.

big ol butt
cowboy slut
looking at spurs
makes me nut
leather boots
assless chaps
give my big
butt a slap
and now you know
the cowboy rap

There's so many cloud services, I haven't seen the sun service in weeks!

Ihis is a really good video that I recommend highly, and I agree with about 90% of it. It's a great introduction to the leftist view of political ideology and, especially, materialism. Thanks to the other comrades who have posted it!

But, that said, I think that it stumbles in two related areas that classical Marxist throught often stumbles in: namely, false consciousness and culture wars/identity politics. I think it's worth elucidating these two, why they're related, and why it's wrong to suggest that all reactionary ideology among workers is the result of false consciousness.

communist minions memes i made by editing previously existing ones

"meat name" is good because it's hackers (1995) as hell, avoids uncomfortable associations with words like "real" and "government", and gets right to the point: what should I call you in meatspace

MOBSTER: [is fatally wounded in mob shootout]
MOBSTER: [beholds a raven]
MOBSTER: [to raven] so what are you supposed to be, some kinda psychopomp?
MOBSTER: [turning to other dying mobsters] check this guy out, he thinks he's a fuckin' psychopomp
DYING MOBSTERS: [blood-choked derisive laughter]
MOBSTER: my ass, fuckin' psychopomp, get outta here

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