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the ila character limit has been increased 

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Four on the floor but she still got more that's right she's a centaur

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what if... we were both totally straight, like we totally are

😳 and we played gay chicken?? 😳​

If you have a cellphone seized by a law enforcement agency or other TLA, chances are they'll use Cellbrite's wares to sift through your data.

Here, Signal analyses Cellebrite's software's own security. Want to guess how good it is? =:)

(*Love* the coda, too)

@bright_helpings @glitter It may not be sustainable, but we gave it a shot! The oldest word for housecats (from ancient Egyptian) is "mau".

#OtD 21 Apr 1894, a nationwide strike of coal miners in the US against pay cuts began. 145,000 miners walked out, and despite violent repression and facing starvation they held out for weeks and won some concessions. Learn more in this great book:

caps, foss 

artist statement 2nd draft 

Heh. What a chump, giving this gold away for free

Hi there! I'm Tricia, a.k.a. Trixie Burgers! I'm a beginner Twitch streamer and expert punsmith from Seattle. I work in restaurants so I keep weird hours ( #nightcrew ). I enjoy crosswords, pictures of your pets, and watching tv with my lovely gf Eleanor.

I've written a couple of short stories, available at

I've also made a couple of makeup videos for trans people at

And of course my channel at


I think it's time we blow the scene.
Get everybody and the stuff together.


Let's jam!

wow, Spicy is a 10/10 card game. I didn't expect it to live up to the greats, when it comes to casual bluffing card games, like Skull and Cockroach Poker, but i think it actually surpasses at least the latter. It's incredibly simple and family friendly, yet deep as heck.

basically: they made Bullshit, the old classic card shedding game, into a game that's actually good and balanced and exciting

three suits, values 1-10, three copies of each. to successfully call bullshit on someone for claiming that they're putting down a certain card that they totally aren't, you have to guess which part they lied about - the suit or the number. if you get that wrong, even if the other aspect of the card *was* a lie, they still get away with it. this fixes the fact that in the original BS, it was far too easy to call out certain claims, letting nobody get their hands down to zero because their last card is always correctly challenged.

also, shedding your entire hand just gives you ten points, then you draw a new hand and keep playing with everyone. The other way to get points is by successfully winning challenges (calling bullshit correctly, or being the victim of an incorrect one). Because of this, it's literally possible to win the game without ever lying about anything. You could get all your points via calling out your lying friends instead, and win that way.

There are also rule variant cards that change up the rules if you want more advanced play.

I adore and recommend it ❤️

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