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@moth @bryn strewd alt for when you are toasting breakfast pastries

by popular demand, here's the final draft of the Queer Villain Pride flag I did yesterday, along with a link to a hi-res version here:

again: pink for passion, orange for community, green for knowledge, purple for queer history, and black for evil, pure EVIL. feel free to use this for whatever. mwa ha ha ha haaa, etc

It is human nature to defy, revolt and succumb.
Even when we thought Gods were real,
we talked about stealing their fire.
We fight against all higher orders
as much as we submit. It is to us
as natural as breathing to want
these things.
So why shouldn’t I love like this:
a worshiper and blasphemer both.

#poetry #corvusRobotica

Terra Ignota major spoilers Show more

if you have a dom named Dominic you can just introduce them to people as "my Dom" and they'll just think its cute that you call them yours.

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Sappho, the tresses of her hair bedecked in purple ribbon, barges, lyre in hand, into a room full of women, loudly exclaiming "What's up, sluts?"

@xarph @sireffe GenZ ends in 2026 too so if we add 142,580 to 2026 we get the year 144,606 C.E. as the start of gen GAY.

I will shut up now

@xarph @sireffe TECHNICALLY the start of Gen GAY would be at 142,580 though since i solved to include the entirety of gen GAY as well

@xarph @sireffe since were at Z and technically it counted from X then Y NOW Z, the Next Gen would be AA. Google says ~30 years for a generation SO 26 years to BA and we have to do that 26 times to get to AAA. Do that 7 times to get to GAA then do 26generations 25 more times to get to GAY.

Formula Looks like this ((26^2)*7*30)+(26*25)

and the total number of years is 142,610

*slams gavel*
worm court is now in session

all writhe

Hey wait will generation names roll over to Generation AA? If so how long until the fabled Generation GAY?

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