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Four on the floor but she still got more that's right she's a centaur

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The road to hell is paved for legacy reasons

BE NOT AFRAID, eye contact, :boost_ok:​ 

animal crossing direct, a very good lizard 

FUCK me, i set a trans avatar on discord today and also have steamvr running

To file a public comment submit your thoughts at, quoting proceedings 17-108 for net neutrality aka restoring internet freedom, by the end of March

scythe rise of fenris ep 5 spoiler 

scythe rise of fenris 

one of the symbols for mercury is :mintshrug: and i propose this be the new symbol for people who's gender is "i don't fucking know, what do you want from me"

Devil appears to woman‘s body lick so beggar on the seven visits or thanstones meat.

Introducing the new Notflix original prequel series no one's been waiting for:
Tyler Durden is a kid who loves flying kites, but he keeps getting them stuck in trees, in...

Kite Flub

Coming this December to theaters nowhere: Tyler Durden is back, and this time he's teaching a young bear to fly a plane, in...

Flight Cub

@HTHR - don't introduce an important character, concept, or thing after the first half of the plot
- characters should enter a scene with information or leave with intent
- if exposition is necessary, tie it to an emotion so it becomes a character's motive rant
- first draft of the scene should have all the emotions and motives on the surface, final draft should push most of those things into subtext

every episode on the dvd has a commentary track and it's basically like taking a class on episodic storytelling

BE NOT AFRAID, eye contact, :boost_ok:​ 

Hey. You. Yeah, you. I think you should know that today I was precisely bisexual.

i should make a nasa official joke account on my instance

me, as an npc: please get my medicinal health tonic from the bottom of that undead infested mine. My anemia, you see.....
adventurer: wtf how did it end up there???
me, dating a vampire: it, uh, rolled. and, uh, a skeleton taunted me about finding it and.. uh.. leaving it.

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