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the ila character limit has been increased 

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Four on the floor but she still got more that's right she's a centaur

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Ten years ago we had Steve Gaslight, Johnny Gatekeep, and Bob Girlboss,

Is it cuz they're gay? Is it cuz I'M gay? Is it cuz the ending has a strange buttery twink who could have been making out with Howl the entire time?

JERRY: You're taking testosterone and estrogen?
GEORGE: You're on T and E?
KRAMER: T, E, hormones, hismones, gender's fake anyways!

please.. all i want in life is a work/living space with windows like this

imagine light rain droplets streaming down at night

Adora: All Cats Are Beautiful!!!!
Bow: Assigned cis at birth.
Catra: all cops are bastards
Glimmer: Adora 😍 Catra 😳 and Bow 🤗

*un-procedurally-generates your game*
*it is now fully scripted and linear, take that*

re: Perseverance mars rover landing video, look-down from the rover 

@wetsocks this is in contrast to humans, who have two widely recognized genders: men and queens

SOLVED! It’s called Planetocopia and here it is!!

Thank you to @Marsh for answering the call!

small brain: watching anime infects you with trans brain, and that's bad
normal brain: watching anime doesn't infect you with anything you moron
large brain: watching anime infects you with trans brain, and that's good

in fact this happened the other way around, that a friend lamented to me that they wanted a goofy shmoopy boyfriend except they kept turning into high femme girlfriends

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