I want high heels im 99% sure id be fucking great in them

And tbh I've really wanted to wear them like since I was a little kid.

Another practice we did today was walking on our toestops and me and one other girl strutted across like it was nothing

@sireffe i would be remiss in my duties as some random internet trans girl if i didn't tell you to have a go at them posthaste

i like mine. they kinda require more building an outfit around them than other shoes, but toooootally worth it when you're in the mood

@sireffe also the difficulty in walking in them is hideously overplayed, it ain't shit really

@sireffe finally, if you're up past 11 in US women's sizes where most shoe stores cut out, as i am (12), Torrid and Long Tall Sally have cute heels up to 13 and 15 respectively

Torrid *boots* are shit durability, but i've had *much* better luck with their heels

LTS stuff is just generally nice

@vyr biggest thing is finding cute ones in my size and also money :/

@sireffe eternal mood. if i ever find a third brand that has decent stuff, i will trumpet it to the heavens

@sireffe my partner got me some as an anniversary gift last year and it's just, instant mood changer almost (even tho i mostly wear them around the house). definitely a big plus

@sireffe oh and since we're talkin hot looks and gender euphoria

i actually get a bit more of that out of my lil black platform boots w/rainbow laces. somethin about the fresh punk aesthetic. so dont discount some Good Boots in the good feel dept

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