i know ive pitched it before but i want a game where youre a mechanic for a ragtag group of mech wielding freedon fighters aboard a massive floating ship

@sireffe twin campaigns a la Front Mission 3 so you can be with the freedom fighters or the evil tyrant and it has a visual novel element where you hang out in the barracks and get romance options
@sireffe the thing I get really stuck on in terms of imagining it is how you would translate the main repair mechanics to stimulating gameplay
my mind immediately jumps to some kind of puzzle game but I also don't think that's quite the right choice
anyway one of the pilots is absolutely a sword lesbian and you can date her
@sireffe oh, maybe something like opus magnum or tis-100, but with a time limit before the unit you're working on has to be back in the field or you experience negative buffs or debuffs that affect how well your team fares in the overall campaign, like papers please! and there are 'real robots' (like Gundam or Mechwarrior) and 'super robots' (like Xenogears or Evangelion) that and you can invest in skill trees relating to both that make them easier to repair maybe, but you can only invest in one or the other and both have unique challenges

@sireffe Sounds like you're describing a BattleTech roll playing game. Which probably does exist, just probably not with enough leeway to get what you're looking for.

@sireffe I absolutely would play the shit out of this. Alternatively the ship mechanic for a group of ragtag vaguely-spaghetti-Western-style space outlaws with hearts of gold.


@sireffe And the best thing is there is no reason really this could not literally be the same game! You are a mechanic for hire and whatever bids you find get you into different crews. Some are the mech forces, some are the ~Serenity~ ragtag outlaws, some are the ludicrously overfunded space cops with shiny toys, some are just random folk with broken cooking implements.

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