i guess to start please look at the two best cat pics i have ever taken


Oh wow, those are amazing shots. Also that tuxedo looks like A Friend :3

@nautilee thank you they are so precious and sweet and very good friends

@sireffe these look really good the color and the lighting are great!! and they're focused really well, the depth of field in the second one is perfect!

@sireffe second one would probably have benefited from like a 1/3rd overexposure but it's really good


Simple concrete bridges like that are so satisfying to see, and that's a pretty cool shot of one.

@sireffe these look so good!! aaa

I think once again the first one could benefit from being overexposed by 1/3rd of 2/3rds of a stop but wow!!

@wxcafe yeah i wasnt sure how accurate the light meter would be so there were a bunch i just didnt fuss with and accepted it saying slightly over/under exposed

also thank you so much!!!!

@sireffe I really like these two and idk why - I think it reminds me of old Korean shows?

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