I've got a fresh toot to be delivered to *reads smudged writing* I. M. Posters aw crud not another crank delivery

I went to see the ocean (selfie, ec, :BoostOK:

i think the thing i like most about chappie (the film) is that it presents 'conscious ai' (and reaching it) as directly opposed to the capitalistic goals. it just wants to explore what being alive means

@flowerenby that explains the "shorts and a hoodie" wearers ive seen over the years

Vintage clothes make me happy; I love these unfamiliar cuts and shapes. Give me a profile no one has manufactured in 20 years.

hot take: the sound hard drives make when they're reading/writing can best be described as "purring"

i'm at tired

i'm at gay

i'm at the combination tired and gay

last one i swear blaseball 

re: blaseball on the snackrifice 

re: blaseball 

re: blaseball 

re: blaseball 

re: uncaptioned re: blaseball 

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