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After careful self-assessment, I can attest that all my hugs surpass the standards defined by ISO 25377:2007. Headpats are not covered by ISO 18916:2007, but are provided at the highest standards nonetheless.

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Imagine work songs used for centuries of events and trends in worlds full of radically different cultures who regularly interact, and most people are singing incoherent mush. Like say there’s a harvest song about “spin the dragon ‘round” and it’s maybe about a specific dragon slaying incident or at some point people called scythes “dragons” based on the shape or its a dwarf drinking game that halflings adapted as an end of season thing and forgot about, and now there’s also verse in giant.

can you imagine the dark age before online dating, back when the only way to find cute unix hacker bois in your area was by

reading the man pages

replacement skate cushions: $12.50
shipping halfway across the world: $10
the look on americans faces when they see this: priceless

buying something from australia and seeing the shipping price like oh how the turntables have

I just received a tentacle themed mandala from @welshpixie , and it’s just the sort of non-euclidean horror I was hoping for. I feel my sanity dlipping away if I look at it too long 😳 Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Hey so I've been on hrt for about a year and a half now.... When are my horns supposed to grow in?

Campaign perks include a rad enamel pin designed by our co-editor @itsnero and a lush poster by @newjackcole! And all our tiers, right down to our lowest of $5, gets your name in our Special Thanks section, testifying your love of sexy demons FOREVER.

@Lady taxicub

uh so the story goes my mom's handle was a mashup of two different things she liked so I did that. I had a stuffed animal named taxi and my nickname was cubby thus taxicub. I used it until I was like a teen.

@namtari via DNS they'd have to do it on a per site basis. they also block ranges of ip addresses i dont know which ranges and what they're targeting with that though.

i think if they wanted to it wouldn't be too hard to get a list from like and block them automatically.

fantasynamegenerator came up with this neat original name nightvale i think i might use it. sounds like a welcoming place.

okay so the scam is that "important people" will donate their time "consulting" and businesses(?) will pay them for their expertise except the money goes to vague nebulous charity with an undisclosed amount being withheld by the organization and possibly an undisclosed amount to the consultant

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