@BestGirlGrace saw a business card once where the person's last name was upchurch

Are ankle socks kinky?

I am absolutely a person who struggles with feeling like I have to be an expert in things like this or something terrible will happen, letting myself just say "hi! I have no idea how to do this but I am happy to learn, what do I need to do" has been wildly helpful in dealing with this anxiety

I have a small suprise for you~ 

FOLKS. I am doing free handed liquid eyeliner *right now* on stream. If you want to ask questions about eyeliner or makeup in general, feel free to pop in and chat 🎉


@sireffe other animals don't need timezones; it makes their date libraries simpler.

@vyr love that next to the "no time to hate" sticker, hate that my first thought was "hm thats a new numeronym"

Hot take: using imagery and phrases from fascist memes/dogwhistles in non-fascist memes is a form of spreading and normalizing fascist propaganda.


@oldroadside of course nowadays its called


*points to my beautiful wife* this is not my beautiful house!
*points to my beautiful house* this is not my beautiful wife!

The last #collage from today. I filled out another high school sex ed worksheet, as one does.

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