@Lady the reviews are in we're the hot lesbian power couple

gentle reminder that my girlfriend is fucking hot yall

my ass 

Every day I find that the line "Everything is theft except actual theft, which is fine" becomes more and more the embodiment of my politics.

i think i like 3d modelling and want to do more of it. its just so fun

people who say that cant be friends with their exes are weak and also thats a red flag

any post phrased as a question must also be a poll

Black Excellence, eye contact 

:ad: haha it's #mastomonday 😎👍

Reminder that I have a patreon patreon.com/sparklejinx that supports my continued existence and any c o n t e n t I make: youtube.com/channel/UCRaER6Ue3 (videos should be resuming sometime this month)

If you can spare a little bit during this time and don't want to fuck with Patreon (fair tbh), you can always send one time donations here:


A reminder to send your white rich friends to me, thanks. ❤️

Stay safe~

hey ehy eheyhey steam why did you make a 40GB log dump??? how did this even happen?????

ranking every overwatch characters based on how much i'd fuck them

@monorail this is getting out of hand now there are two of them

i love... mechanical devices. im just a real basic butch i like to see exactly what my contraptions are doing. computers?? devil boxes. dont know whats goin on in there. probably ghosts.

@flowerenby i think i saw someone grabbed distanced.social? and was gonna set it up as a masto instance

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