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any recommendations for custom shine through key caps? or is that something so custom i just need to make myself? if yes then any good guides on how one might do that? i know there’s a makerspace in town and they may have a 3D printer i can use

oh good i’m glad that Ubuntu has been reviewed by the Entertainment Software Review Board but if this has DLC then i’m gonna be so mad

It’s called a “crush“ because I want her to crush my head between her thighs


Spoony did so well on this!!!!!!! I Love it sooo much! They even captured my t-shirt shorts aesthetic™ without it being discussed at all lmao! Seriously folks if you want a wonderful and great artist to work with, SpoonyCatt is amazing!

my body: wow having a little bit of anxiet
me: what can I do for you?
my body: well maybe slow down on the caff..
me: more caffeine?
my body: well actually if you could maybe take a little bre..
me: sugar? coffee?
my body: can you mayb..
me: more coffee? diet coke? anything you want baby just say the word
my body: please...I'm dying...
me: more coffee gotcha

🐭🤳 lewd (ec) 

this is the portrait, and yes, i *did* scream for a good hour, thank u very much (cw: eye contact, beyonce eye contact)

nipple piercings are rack mount hardware send toot

headcanon: it was dan backslide's runabout the whole time, he just forgot

@kelbot Swiss Public Domain Radio. They have classical and jazz stations.

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