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m yes the Lucy crop is coming in string this year I can eff it but I just pretend that it appears to be fair its so good

Me: oh hey my shorts arent fingertip length

Best friend: so that's why I haven't been able to study!

BDSM; fire play; pun 

Mh joke 

OK, how I am supposed to get over my Good Omens obsession when artists in the fandom keep doing such things ?! 😱 💕
(amazing art by @kloysius:

Stream, Self-Promo 

Dream, family 


Yeah I can time travel. *boots up minecraft and wakes up 4 hours later*

don’t let people make you feel bad for enjoying things. what you like, whether it be recreational or kink related, is solely up to you. if nobody is being hurt because you like something, then it’s nobody’s business what you like

I don't like completely remember what a gerund is but my brain says it's when you noun a verb

minecraft selfie virtual eye contact 

If you stay in minecraft for more than two hours you won't be able to transform back

re: Tech joke 

Tech joke 

I collected 35 audiobooks on various ideologies if you like them. None of these are copyright-encumbered, so they’re legal to download. I’m posting a magnet URI to use with any BitTorrent client here:


things that never get old:
⋅⋅* my girlfriend being fucking cute
⋅⋅* me being endlessly outfoxed by mastodon and praying that this posts as dots

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