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one of my favorite css tricks is kinda breaking html semantics but i like having boxes that can expand by having an invisible checkbox for a visible label and adjusting the box size based on if the box is checked. especially when combined with expand on hover. you get nojs very slick looking condensed information.

tech talk grumbling 

I wanna smooch! (squad)
I want to smooch (squad)

Our Enemies in Blue 

opening a can of "getting a really big load off your chest and putting your problems in perspective" flavored monster and shotgunning it at the bus stop before work

nsfw joke 

I really really want just a ton of demon stickers to decorate my helmet with

My friend said spirit isn't an element and I said I made the poll so I make the rules

what's my element?

There's two wolves, and they tried to eat TEETH


yall the twilight zone with jordan peele is so so good i cannot recommend it enough.

dumb legal question 

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