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I love it when my cat lays on my chest but also like I'm supposed to get up and do things

Dream toots 

@sireffe tiefling fashion where you use different materials. Tiefling redoing her own hoofshoes on her own, since she's going to a party she's using polished silver ones!

@sireffe Tiefling using enchanted hoofshoes to sneak better or so they dont have to change them.

howdy? :thinkergunsunglasses:


tieflin' sneaking off in the middle of the night and everyone think she's getting up to no good but she just needs to reshoe her hooves.

Serotonin? No I'm not familiar with that pokemon...

the age-old dilemma:

long hair pretty
my hair has become entangled in ways that baffle topologists. leading mathematical researchers look at the knots in my hair and jot down in their notebooks, certain that my hair has wrapped around itself in spatial dimensions heretofore inaccessible to humanity. Would-be Alexanders pull out their swords, but upon facing this Gordian knot, weep in futility

pokemon swsh 

you: *a well-thought-out funny joke*
you: *quotes Bitcoin As Explained By A.I.*
me: *wheezing, laughing, gasping for air*

You can upload your future self to the dark net but this will destroy your retirement account because it is over 1000 years old and has a taste for expensive silver keyboards

A pair of docs is a couple of peers
A pair of docks is a couple of piers
A paradox is a couple of contradicting axioms listen I really wanted to find a way to get it to fit the format but sometimes life doesn't work out that way

*Hanging the feather toy over the back of the couch* I'm fishing for cats

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