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Look, i want to be a girl as much as the next guy,

lewd caps 

note to self see if a word joiner will prevent hashtags and also prevent the # from being on a different line #⁠testingalonghashtag

has it been enough time for the "everything is chrome" retrofuturistic aesthetic to come back? like i love "everything's dark and neon" but maybe we can switch it up every now and then

like those before me I will never learn how to spell caesear

like ceaser determining the gladiators fate i give a thumbs down to #​adamsandlertop3

more scifi should just use their own calendar epochs unless its like comically near future tjen absolutely tell me about the far off fantastic year of 2020

it wasnt until fairly recently that i realized that the year 20XX is supposed to mean sometime in the 21st century and not an entirely different calendar epoch

tipping service workers, you say. is that, like, cow tipping......

*gets thrown into a trash chute*

sailor moon ep 18 

when people hear im a leftist this is what they imagine

sailor moon ep 17 

when I was in college i took art classes and one thing I made was a self portrait where the background was a pattern made from ulta beauty ads and my face was made from the pulpy mess of the paper mixed with like too much glue and i wish I still had it because looking back that was such an eggy thing to make and was one hell of a piece on dysphoria

the prof asked me about it and I was like "i dunno i like make up and that's not something a lot of people know about me"

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