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the vegetarian who uses she/her pronouns? no ive never met herbivore

do people know that our economy is a man-made construct that we could change if we want to

every video walkthrough from a videogame company starts like “hey guys it’s me, david/chris/Ian/ethan here to talk about this game with absolutely zero charisma or personality”

oh tgey should have made a dk themed rockband called donkey song

ok so i hear what you're saying, maybe having coffee with three sugars isn't the best thing to have at 4am, but please consider the following:

time isn't real and you're a fucking cop

Today I accidentally described Animal Crossing's appeal as "Second Life for Adults" and that phrase has been echoing in my head ever since

possibly lewd markov bot 

* The Spinny Hug
* lift pretty girl
* punch fascist
* help friend move

if you're not mixing and matching clothing sets to pick something that looks cute over having good stats, then you're losing at runescape

So have we all seen this? A pre-Columbian Mesoamerican statue was unearthed depicting who CNN calls "The Flayed Lord". In Nahuatl, his name is Xipe Totec and despite the scary name and, uh, face (or lack of face), he's probably like the second best deity/ omen that could have been uncovered tbh.

I wanna talk about him because he's pretty interesting, so here we go: Xipe Totec, Our Lord The Flayed One.

Dunno who needs to hear this but unclench your jaw. Stretch it a little bit.

finally figured out what to reconfigure my aeropostale sweatshirt to say:


which leaves me with "opa ork" remaining which just sounds funny

doom headcanon 

my house! your art on it... Do you feel a certain sense of synergy between yourself and me?

so in some UI i worded things like "play with a bot bunny" and it made me want to make an ACTUAL bot bunny that you can partner with if you want co-op and have no one around

so uh i made a bot bunny

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