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cars universe 

why have gender dysphoria when you can have blender dysphoria. fender dysphoria. render dysphoria

Self-promo-ing again that I finally pushed my personal site live last night that includes 2 short stories, 2 poetry collections, and 2 photography projects and also blog posts about absolutely nothing.


:slime:​ This is a Slime Free Zone :slime:​ 

This is actually extremely neat, the Cincinnati Museum of Art has made their CAM Collection of pieces available to Animal Crossing: New Horizon players via QR codes.

The QR code method is a bit tedeus if you want the whole collection and requires a smart phone and Nintendo Online app, but it's there.

Yeah I'm LGBT


(There's a joke here about trans visibility...)

What do we want?
When do we- oh, they're napping? Oh we should quiet down?

acnh question 

creating a sophisticated neural network to make plans with people with always cancel at the last minute. yes ive made a deep flake

regular OSFE posting 

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