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"Fully automated luxury gay space communism, you say? I'm intrigued. What's automating it?"

"We're running on Jenkins, but a team of volunteers is looking at porting parts of it to Airflow–"

"nope fuck it i'm out"

I was planning to post this on my alt, but this made me laugh so much I thought y'all would like it. I am becoming addicted to AI Dungeon.

How to be hot, a guide-

If Girl: Wear Suit

If Boy: Wear Lingerie

If Non-Binary: You're too hot already, don't be greedy.

"Detail-oriented" doesn't mean "observant and catches small mistakes", it means "I will spend the entire day fiddling with LaTeX macros to get things looking juuuust the way I want them to

the existence of Texas (TX) implies it has a counterpart named Rexas (RX) to form a full-duplex state complex

Speaking of bi culture, what flavor of hand sign do you use to signal agreement to others?

I am a:

Embarrassed to say that I've been mishearing the name of the popular animal crosser.

if we shadows have offended
think but this and all is mended
This is a non-profit, fan based parody.
dragonball, dragonball z, and dragonball gt are all owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, and akira toriayama.
please support the official release

Psychopomp pulling out her badge and it's a skull with a scythe on each side walling it in, with a watermark of a tombstone reading "RIP"

got my ticket for the property redistribution lottery. hoping for a nice house or maybe a small storefront. i was disappointed to learn that shopping centers were excluded since they're large public spaces that are going to be repurposed for the people's wellbeing

oh well, you can't win a mall

creating a weird sort of utopian economic vision for the sake of a pun, that's triz

normal brain: ah, they missed, now i must punish

morgan brain: oraoraoraoraora

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