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*infomercial voice* ladies, have you ever wanted a boyfriend but without any of the heterosexuality?

new comm slot idea: i draw your sona and someone they're dating packed together into a cockpit like this

I’m almost halfway to my goal now. So uni starts in a few weeks and I still need help paying my bursar. I will already be pay 5000 to my uni.

my art, naked headless body 

lewd silly, audio hazard, disney 

video game gameplay, may cause motion sickness 

Selfie, no eye contact 

@sireffe there are lots of types of contracts. discuss the terms of the contract ahead of time with the demon in question, ideally with a lawyer present.

if i get married to a demon will that make me eligible to apply for a visa in hell?

wait is entering into a contract with a demon mean getting married to them but without the religious connotations???

realizing now i should have swapped ddd and searx

religion goof 

great now i'm getting those "hot and lonely infernal entities in your area" ads

:byng: how to become demon?
:yahho: demon apprentenceship near me?
:donkdonkdo: lawyers who specialize in reading demonic contracts
:searx: duolingo infernal

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