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One sticks to the rules, the other's a loose cannon.

One is calculating and wise, the other wild and instinctual.

You were made for each other.

Nothing stands a chance against you.

But can you keep each other together when it all goes wrong?

Buzz Off! patch notes:

- buzzer sound less loud and harsh
- properly 404s back to the main page
- sound should work in firefox
- performance enhancements
- i'm gay

Do you Re-Mem-Bah

Back when I thought I was Cis-Gen-Dah

Glad I've never lived with someone named Morgan.

Because I would never be able to not say, "Good Morgan," well beyond when anyone (including me) stops finding it funny.


@sireffe former professional skater friends of Tony Hawk started a business bringing and preparing food for large events. Yes, Tony Hawks Pros Cater.

former skater turned poetry critic yes it's Tony Hawk's Prose Rater

protip: gay people actually are allowed to donate blood! It's called "lying"

under communism there is only one planet and we all have to share it

Masto has ruined my mind. Just saw the word "fussy" on the timeline and my first thought was not, like, "whiny and particular"

chewing on internet wires so you'll pay attention to me

a long poem about how english is a terrible language, and it's from a hungarian so, also this is gonna have to be a few toots 

are we human or are we content producing machines for the amusement of others online

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