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I just told a customer that it was "tired outside" meaning dark outside

Looking for some new music to listen to? Let me introduce you to your new favorite

AI Dungeon 

I ain't happy, I'm in a bag
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless. I'm in a bag
The future, is in a bag, it's in a bag, it's in a bag

Is there a genderswapped version of the Odyssey where Odysseus is a woman but still, to quote a scholarly article, 'the pinnacle of strength and masculinity'

"That *is* a pretty nice horse, but..." The trojan guard scratches his chin with suspicion. "Are you like, hiding a bunch of boys in there?"

"What this?" Odysseus slaps the side of her massive wooden horse. "I'd never! Not a single boy in here. Nope. Not once not ever."

Later, after the horse had been moved into the town square and lady soldiers pour out of the wooden horse. "Aw heck," The guard says. "I shoulda worded that question more carefully."

Oh, this? It's a decentralised, federated socialist dating platform

anyways, please read my My Name Is Earl trans fix fic, My Name Is Girl

Finally got the Boeing font. I'm gonna use it to write plane text files.

Very pleased to announce the release of my new album, Truth in Orbit! I hope you enjoy it. You can stream and download it for free here:

Thank you once again to @jaye for the excellent album art.

Urgent begpost ($58/172) raised. 

amazon launched in sweden two days a go and a /lot/ of products, especially video games, have absolutely awful machine translated title. Watch Dogs is "look at dogs", and a bunch of nintendo switch games just have "?circuit breaker" at the end of the title seven times

it's not just that I know the history of how the FBI operated COINTELPRO and have been targeting BIPOC and leftist communities for decades. I also lived through two different FBI operations targeting my communities with the Green Scare and the 2012 PNW anarchist repression. I sat in the court rooms and watched comrades get sent to prison for years and even decades. advocating that there are cases where you would work with the FBI is beyond suspect.

when you see a dog, what's your *very first, overriding* impulse?

(yes, I know you want to do most or all of them, but which one first?)

Here's one Sergei Lukin did, a Russian artist. It's called It Has Come To Pass. There are some differences lol with the British one.

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