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@sireffe in an impressive twist disco tent managed to overtake disc content and seize victory

now is the winter of our...

Obama's biography is actually a horror story of the moral decline of a guy who almost became a leftist and how electoralism will crush the will and hollow out even the most idealistic of your community organizers

now is the winter of our...

Brok college student in need because of Covid begpost 

the great thing about working on personal projects is that you're beholden to nobody but your own sense of what to do.

I Illustrated the cover for the fodlans fables artbook! Its going to be a fabric cover with gold foil stamp! Check out the project !

#fireemblem #fe3h

lofi songs to fan the flames of discontent to

ASMR: Kiryu Kazuma patiently listens to you infodump about your favourite subject, intermittently going "hmm", "that makes sense", and "it takes all kinds to make this world"

lingerie month day 7: bridal 🕊️

if you like my work, please consider supporting me with a donation via 💜

#art #mastoart #digitalart

"this isn't what i asked for, this is for trans girls" (hand slowly curls into a thumbs up)

i only just started playing paradise killer btw

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