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💬 Well, that's that. My home is in Hill Valley now.

@dragon an elegant set of pronouns from a more civilized age

Saw a crow that was flying high up in the air. First I only heard an unusual noise, and when I located it, it was this crow that was flying normally, and then suddenly it would "play dead" mid air, and start tumbling randomly, falling towards the ground, while making that sound. Then it would take control again, stop making the sound, fly normally for a while, then do it again. I guess even if you fly every day it's fun. :)

my gender is
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the list of Shadow the Hedgehog genders that uses is 16.5k (4.5k compressed). imagine: 16 kilobytes of gender.

"I can't wait to be stuck between a giant woman and a hot goth. Please chase me around this mansion." -Julia Drawfee

tests are showing fun levels at 01%

(01%) □□□□□□□□□□

the most evergreen of tweets 

Toot toot, hey, beep beep
Toot toot, hey, beep beep

Bad girls, talking ’bout the sad girls
Sad girls, talking ’bout bad girls, yeah

📝 Alrk the clerk meets DeepyD on the streets of Harpsburg. He manages to limit the conversation to just a few questions.

Some of my illustrations from about a yearish after I graduated art school. Although I had some great profs, I feel like I grew the most when I started working on things at my own pace.

CW: Substances/mental health

maybe if i get one of those mood lights i won’t feel sad about capitalism anymore

Happy Valentines day, Patreon poem is up.

Monster Lover

I have carved
a room in myself for you, it’s made from old memories
and spaces between days where I do nothing but
think of your mouth, open and breathing fast.

#corvusrobotica #poetry

📝 Alrk the clerk finds a seedy fluff while searching the plains.

💬 Oh good, I found it.

🏆 Achievement: First Steps


📝 Alrk the clerk is muddy and his mane is muddy and he wants a nice clean bath.

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Lyds, demon princess's choices:

A resting space for the wayward soul.