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slowly transitioning from sword girl to axe girl

I think my biggest criticism of it is the same criticism I have of tv tropes; by removing all context from the thing and taking an anything goes approach to categorization, you often reduce real analysis of design movements into "this picture and that picture are similar"

this is most obvious when the categories are closer to modern day; when I see vaporware I go "wait, there's context here; there's artists. Where are the sources? Who made these, and why?"

If you'd like to explore yourself, check out

Try looking around. I recommend Cyberdelia to start, it rules.

this site is just tv tropes except instead of being weird about fictional stories in an awful way it's weird about vague design movements in a way that I cannot escape

speaking of which loving Neon Surf

reminder for yall since i already know this but im hot as hell, kind as fuck, and my art is good.

turning a dial labelled THE DEGREE TO WHICH I EXPLAIN MY PERSONAL MYSTICISM and looking back at the audience nervously

I didn’t manage to import my followers list before the lights went out at rad town, so it would be really helpful if people could boost this to know I am over here now. 💜💖🖤☺️

I do not have career plans I only have backup plans

us pol 

Imagine being an it/its gay so everyone can say "It's gay" about you

I'm posting the bad posts again, nature is healing

I remember the day the aliens came. All of them, at once. Their varied spacecraft hovered above every population centre. Then they sent their broadcast.

“We’re really sorry. You probably wondered where we all were. It turns out that someone incorrectly typed your coordinates into our planetary directory.”

After all these years, we had the answer to the Fermi Paradox. It was DNS.

#MicroFiction #SysadminLife

I'm glad that the ADC robot has found a special friend in the CARRY flag robot.

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Lyds, stark waving demon's choices:

A resting space for the wayward soul.