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the point being, you can't compare yourself to others for this reason, at least fairly.

but if you need to, you CAN compare yourself to your past self. that is a fair comparison, and if you can do things you couldnt do prior, know things you didn't know before, that's something to be proud of and celebrated.

just picture it, a girl raised to be a soldier by parents who withheld love, and there is her mortal enemy who,,, likes her??? even with a sword at her throat????

it must happen.

This goes back to the same conversation I'm always having: We must liberate the media.

Our culture, our stories and songs and myths and legends, can't belong to corporations.

The music industry has committed itself to this death spiral. Slowly starving itself in the name of increased value for shareholders, until such a time as modern culture has left the aging industry behind.

They will lose, in the long term.

We can expedite that loss, the DMCA can be our weapon.

hole sign, pirate's cove adventure golf, lake george, new york, 2002

I know most people here are not into JS libraries and frameworks but we're starting to see super cool projects for progressive enhancement. Things like Alpine ( or HTMX ( treat HTML as a first class citizen and source of truth, it's refreshing an unobtrusive.

theres some cinnamon togepi in this show for sure idk with the sweeping nature shots they show off it gives more of a lotr vibe than got

also the boy squad looks so great! and the magic is cool! and the trollocs! and of course the girl boss aes sedai agh im genuinely excited for this show. i started out like "im too invested to not watch it" then to "well i like the sound of the choices theyve made maybe itll pull through" to "ah fuck yes im so excited"

theres a trailer out today and it looks really good and cool they definitely are doing a whole girlboss thing tho

has anyone made a shark + dragonfly? this would be both horrifying and the best apex predator known to the world. is this either a b-list horror movie or funded research project irl yet?

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Lyds, demon's choices:

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