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look what i just found on the street! and carried home several kilometeres, and it's fucking heavy, and now my arms hurt, and i really shouldn't be left alone around old audio equipement. but it's cute!

ampersands are a non renewable resource please consider the environment when naming your comedy duo

This band is here in town from NYC and flagged me down while I was out distributing food cause I was wearing an IWW shirt and told me they wanted to get involved in mutual aid in our community for as long as they're in the area.

It's folk-punk, if you like it give it a buy! How cool would it be if we could show them a marked uptick in sales based on them being known mutual aid folk, eh?


[thanks @david for pointing out the missing link]

im okay i promise 

i have taken the opportunity afforded me by my recent unemployment to do something I've wanted to for a long time: i have finally made a makeup instruction video!

it's nowhere near comprehensive, but i tried to make the video something for absolute beginners, so you can watch my routine as i stop and explain what i'm doing for you as i go. it's made especially for trans women like me but it's for anyone who's intimidated by makeup imo

please share!

Omg how have I never mentioned Steam Powered Giraffe here they are AMAZING

they're a steampunk robot band with kick ass costume skills, harmonization, and deep lore. Also one of them is trans and worked her transition into the canon of the universe too so fuckin cool

Here's some songs!

CW eye contact for most of these videos

Brass Goggles (rly fun) -

Honeybee (love song) -

Fire Fire (space horror) -

Malfunction (empowering song about neurodiversity and disability and stuff) -

Fancy Shoes -

The switch in Animal Crossing is priced at 29,980 bells. This is its real world price in Japanese yen, or $269.69~ (nice). With this info, we can extrapolate the prices of other objects in Animal Crossing. This means a tarantula costs $72.

Even if all she had done was record "Toxic," teenage me still would have owed Brittany Spears a huge apology.

EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER: SEASON 1 is COMPLETELY FREE for the next 48 hours!!! Gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat!

🍖 Pilot mechs!
🍖 Fight your clone!
🍖 Run from the cops!
🍖 Fall in love????

the vegetarian who uses she/her pronouns? no ive never met herbivore

its east coast night crew hours time to post whatever was in my drafts

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