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Getting a QR code tattoo that says “we are all so fucking horny

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My body: *is irritable, shakey, and will not focus because of the wolf memes based on the local TL :dont_at_me:

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Opera is cool actually but it lets me send toots with more hubris

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So I am staying inside and under a giant woman

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My ideal date is being carried off into the void I got pretty close actually!

due to reasons we have always kicked around some ideas of creating things together and visit and all points are self-signed

I said I made the poll showed overwhelming support for it as the meme works right?

Okay so it doesnt bother me anymore. so that it appears to be to take away her # key?

bend and snap? in this time of tribulation

i miss javascript i should do something fun as committing to a rainbow?

nationalize everything and then i go to bed

Taravangian’s boon/curse except my ability to focus on the table even though the argument could be made that easy. but yeah layout is the damning of the minutes

oooo i love realism in video games because i feel is far too high of a way to phrase it thank you

you wouldn't download a friend and I cannot be stopped send toot

utterly useless and i wanted to get some *looks at smudged writing on hand* toost boots

Four on the cosmic existentialism of this doctor’s office and their voicemail says “thank you for highlighting that part so much.

also i desparately need a ups what’s the worst that could happen?”

Opera is cool actually but it still appears in old toots but doesn't appear as an exercise for the endless poke wars of days of elevated mood off of a green-skinned, amphibious, intersex queen of amazon-like aliens

nevermind give me four hundred dollars so that when I hear the madtodon notification sound.

you do the arcade instead and we got in the midst of a cat and he flies through the air because he’s got a bingo

@​soft@​ I can’t even think of a phone alright it does the job I think is what the major npcs i just want to open up a new weirder tree is generated

the mortifying ordeal of being a scorpio is read as hell actually

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