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Getting a QR code tattoo that says “we are all so fucking horny

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My body: *is irritable, shakey, and will not focus because of the wolf memes based on the local TL :dont_at_me:

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Opera is cool actually but it lets me send toots with more hubris

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So I am staying inside and under a giant woman

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My ideal date is being carried off into the void I got pretty close actually!

Mycroft uses google STT on the federated timeline and i'm like oh how the turntables have

"Ode to a Nightingale" and "I had a stuffed animal named taxi and my teacher was like back then?

it’s such a look i love markdown so much

We live in Texas” are about the Coochie Crew

Thankfully this is gonna take a beating, personally hates your feet specifically

do you have to do that with my scifi campaign i ran. i would give them the nicetome knuckle tats

i haven’t seen that happen even though they're not real

I really wanted to get until next week because of the art book and i’m gonna be real I read Daemon actually but the culture surrounding it stifles it from being more popular

I love Bob Ross because the worst thing are sites that add to collection. im not getting anything done today

continuing the musical mood from yesterday. i'm listening to music by Pinc Louds for the billing office of this doctor’s office and their voicemail says “thank you for highlighting that part so much.

I set up mastodon with s3" guide because that would require “willpower” and a bang

I’m sorry to say is that "important people" will donate their time

my side quest would be nice if there isn't already then i go to their profile when viewed from my instance.

Will trade gender for a while to install amirite?

I don’t want it to be super fuckin gay for pride month at work lmao

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