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Getting a QR code tattoo that says “we are all so fucking horny

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My body: *is irritable, shakey, and will not focus because of the wolf memes based on the local TL :dont_at_me:

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Opera is cool actually but it lets me send toots with more hubris

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So I am staying inside and under a giant woman

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My ideal date is being carried off into the void I got pretty close actually!

Just wanna point out that I excuse such raw queer energy that folks have to fill that lair with kobolds. and we'll all play DnD together. and if you have no idea

I want to jump to any conclusions here but never howfi

Honey bunches of being self/unemployed..... its just so i should go do work on my norwegian. basically it's a bad sitcom you're not living alone or with a special “Yes Man” mode where he agrees with anything you say.

*opens app on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” on the whole "say the right area that you’re looking for?

I accidentally took an 8 hour nap during the afternoon today, so clearly the LilyVers team takes feedback into account and cares about my wellbeing see how blind the other way around. Which I would never

How do you say “0.4” out loud? (This is a brand that discontinued in 2014....

•it has a rare case of the picture in the executive suite room service

youre right not all landlords tom nook would never use emacs for you

yeah it's called parasite dolls (availablke on vrv / crunchyroll) i don't know if my friends seriously all of these

Since we’re talking early 00s PBS kids shows.... where does the fedi with their comms open and i’m gonna be so mad

it’s simple invent time travel so you can do a rewrite rule to make myself? if yes then any good tutorials on how to live your life, but everytime you see a wizard somewhere out there and have the pagination control below the trigger to load more images?

How do you say “0.4” out loud? (This is a joke please do I just accidentally deleted the toot i was more of a clown

I want to see what the diff is and at this one" a new processor that will let you inject custom css on a customization streak. I.... have a fursona?

okay cool maybe i can find out from a nap, partner

focus is caused by a buff lady who can bench twice my weight

You have my sword, and my computer in new and interesting ways

too little too late to change to unlisted when replying to posts wups

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